Intel Wireless Series Linux Driver

The intel-wings project is a Linux driver for the Intel Wireless Series of input devices.

Somehow, Intel managed to avoid using the USB Human Interface Device standards with their wireless gamepads. All other USB gamepads work out-of-the-box: plug it in, and the computer knows that it has an X axis, a Y axis, and six buttons. Not Intel. That's where intel-wings comes in.

Wireless Series?

Yes, you've seen them. Everyone hated them. The keyboards were of poor manufacturing, the mice eat batteries like there's no tomorrow, and the whole system was ridiculously expensive. They were killed off by Intel several years ago -- after hitting the shelves and getting a lukewarm reaction, manufacturing was stopped, and support was terminated 18 months after release.

All of these complaints are valid. On the other hand, when used infrequently, the mice last a few months, and work great on a glass coffee table in my living room. (A newer wireless optical mouse wouldn't work.) The gamepads are actually pretty fun, in my opinion: you can have a whole bunch of them attached to one base station, which is great for playing old console games with friends. You can get a complete set of devices for $10 on eBay, and with Linux-based PVRs becoming increasingly common, I find my devices to be a great addition to my living room.

Note that I wouldn't recommend the mice to anyone that uses their computer on a regular basis, but it's easier for navigating menus than a remote control. In my opinion, the Intel Wireless Series devices on Linux PVRs are the way to go.

Current Release